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The Egyptian Revolution

The Egyptian Revolution began on January 25, 2011, as part of the Arab Spring movement starting in Tunisia and sweeping across the Middle East. The Egyptian people took to the streets to demand the end of the oppressive military regime and the opportunity to democratically elect their president. Through their Facebook pages and cell phones, the people led a mass movement driven by social media.

On June 30, 2012, Egypt celebrated its first democratically-elected President Dr. Mohamed Morsi. The victory for the democratic process in Egypt did not last long though. On 3 July 2013, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the Egyptian army led a military coup and removed Morsi as President of Egypt. Since then, over 3,000 peaceful protestors were shot down in the street or run over by military vehicles during the Rabaa Massacre of August 14, 2013 and over 30,000 peaceful protestors and innocent citizens have been imprisoned, tortured, and sentenced to death without reason.

The people of Egypt continue to protest and work for the restoration of freedom and democracy in their country. Over the course of the revolution, the four-fingered R4BIA sign has emerged as a hand sign of solidarity for freedom, justice, democracy, and human rights.


The R4BIA sign emerged as a sign of freedom and justice in Egypt and around the world.

What does the 4 fingers with a yellow background sign mean? The name of the fourth daughter of her family and therefore named Rabia (713-801 A.D.), meaning “fourth.” This girl grew up to become a symbol for love, peace, passion, and forgiveness. A mosque and a square were named after her in Egypt, and this is the place where Egyptian protestors recently sat in for more than 45 days to express a peace object against the military coup. Rabia became a symbol of solidarity, freedom, challenge, human rights, democracy, legitimacy, love, passion, compassion, and persistence. Rabia is a symbol of sacrificing oneself to allow others to live free with a basic right for self-determination.

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