Free Gaza


Free Gaza Movement

During the recent conflict in Israel-Palestine we witnessed how, through the power of social media, that global awareness and activism has gained momentum on behalf of the Palestinian people and against the Israeli occupation and settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. The message for peace has resounded loud and clear not just from the people of Palestine but also with the support of organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace, Rabbis for Peace, and Boycott from Within: THE PEOPLE WANT PEACE.

In spite of the UN Plan designating Jewish and Arab territories, over the span of 6o years, Israel has encroached on Palestine’s land through military aggression, apartheid-like settlements, and the Israeli West Bank Barrier.

Today the West Bank and Gaza have come to be known the “World’s Largest Open Air Prison” to Human Rights activists and scholars alike.

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Boycott From Within

Jewish Voice for Peace

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