Movements 101

It Starts With You.

Around the world the people are leading nonviolent revolution from the #FreeGaza movement in Palestine to the #R4BIA movement in Egypt to the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong to the Mockingjay movement in Thailand, to name a few.

We believe the people armed with cell phones, computers, and social media can change the world. And we invite you to send us your photos, videos, stories, and comments. Join the “compassionate journalism” movement with Gandhi’s Be Magazine and Gandhi Global Center for Peace and become part of the story.

As Missy Crutchfield, Gandhi’s Be Magazine Editor-in-Chief and Gandhi Global Center for Peace Co-Founder and CEO has spoken around the world, she often shares this message: “The world is watching us… what will we show them? We will show them through our new media and social media. We will tell the stories. The people united for peace and nonviolence will prevail. New media and social media will be the answer.”

Arab Spring

Black Lives Matter

Free Gaza

Free Tibet

Mockingjay Movement

Muslim Lives Matter

R4BIA Egypt

Umbrella Revolution


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