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In light of the recent events in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we want to remind the people Chattanooga and across the United States and around the world to shine a light in the middle of the darkness. Join the +PlusLight movement every day at high noon, take a moment, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, to pray for light, love, and unity.


I am grateful and thankful…

I am grateful and thankful that I can be part of this blessed work of compassion and social justice. I will continue to share my gifts any way I can and also continue to help “wake-up” the world to the work we have to do. I will continue to connect and share with others. I am grateful and thankful for the life God has given me to share with others. For the energies that exist in my life… For the joys and yes, even the trials and tribulations that allow me to live the life of who I am. I am so grateful and thankful for the rewards that come from this investment. I pray God will continue to inspire all of us and bless our people and planet. Inspire us to true greatness. Open our eyes and heart to the truth. Let us embrace all living things… Let us love one another. Let us learn to truly love… Let it begin now…

(Shared by Missy Crutchfield, “I am thankful to Lyn Hammond-Gray for sharing this.” 4/15/15)

OM Challenge

(Shared by Sister Jenna, Meditation Museum, Silver Spring, Md. 9/20/14)

Peace In The Water “Prayers for the Whales, Dolphins, and Vital Marine Life”

(Shared by Missy Crutchfield, “Thank you to Peace In The Water for sharing this message around the world,” 6/22/08)

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