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Vegetarianism Mental Benefits: The correlation between people who eat meat and violence

Is there a correlation between violence in America and the increased consumption of meat and dairy products in the American diet? What might happen if we stopped talking about gun control and violent video games and changed what we put on our plates? Original Source: Celestial Healing Dr. J. Robert Hatherill is a research scientist and […]

Video: “Is The Mainstream Ready To Embrace The Vegan Movement Now?” Watch Vegan 2015 – The Film

Vegan 2015 – The Film explores the question: “Is The Mainstream Ready To Embrace The Vegan Movement Now?” As mentioned in the intro of the film, “Animal agriculture contributes more to climate change than the entire transportation industry.” Could people impact the direction of climate change, perhaps even reverse it, simply by what they put […]

Video: The Story of Human Rights

December 10 marks International Human Rights Day, but what are “human rights”? This video “The Story of Human Rights” offers an excellent historical perspective of human rights and the evolution toward creating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Watch, share, ask questions, learn more, let us know what you think… CLICK HERE to learn more.