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How I will become the change I wish to see in the world...

I have often seen when I fail, I get very disappointed, and it makes me sad for a while, but it does not change anything. So I feel a good method is to move ahead and let things go. If things do not turn out right there is always a new way and a new day to try again…

Avantika Kampani

I know that we have taken Mother Earth for granted, misused her, and even abused her… Nothing can make me less determined from believing that our country can be clean again. Even the smallest things can make a difference. I try hard every day to have a shorter bath, to conserve water, I recycle things instead of throwing them away, I reuse paper at home and always use both sides. I am saving a tree for tomorrow!

Shiv Kampani

My vision for the Gandhi Global Center for Peace would be for it to become a networking site, forming a chain and linking young people… to affiliate with schools all over the world, provide a forum where young people can register, and interact and also drop by their comments on their views and also ensure that the awareness about all this is effectively created amongst the youths… Through this, young people will be taught to see life from a different perspective…

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Changing the way people look at the world is a good start. In other words, giving people a treasure of knowledge could somehow reduce violence in society. It is apparent that no one is born to become a bad and pointless person in the first place. This is just because of their situations by accident causing them to be a part of social illness… Provided that they are educated, they will know how to change their life for the better.


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